A Breath Practice to Balance for the Holidays

If your December’s been anything like mine, you’ve been running around like a crazy person. The normal stressors of daily life combined with the preparation for family gatherings and gift giving leave little time for self-care and personal balance.

Luckily, yoga has tools that can help. The breath practice below takes a mere five to ten minutes a day and promotes focus, balanced alertness, and equanimity.

Balanced Krama (Segmented) Breath

  1. Come to a comfortable seated position. If you cannot sit comfortably, lie down with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Over six breaths, lengthen your inhale and exhale to a comfortable (never strained!) length. Maintain this lengthened breath for six breaths.
  3. Break your inhale into two equal parts with a short pause in the middle. Maintain this breath for six breaths.
  4. Add a short pause in the middle of your exhale. This target breath is:
    • Inhale first half, pause, inhale second half, pause
    • Exhale second half, pause, exhale second half, pause
  5. Maintain this breath pattern for twelve breaths.
  6. Release the pause in the inhale, but keep the segmented exhale for six breaths.
  7. Release the pause in the exhale as well, keeping your breath lengthened and smooth for six breaths.
  8. Allow your breath to return to normal. Notice any effects of this practice on your energy level and emotional clarity.

Give this simple practice a try and let me know how it works. Happy Holidays!



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