Hi all!  I’m absolutely delighted  to announce the cover and publication date of my second Downward Dog Mystery, A KILLER RETREAT.  The book is in the final stages of editing now, and my publisher has finalized the cover.

What do you think? 

Available January 8, 2015 from Midnight Ink!

Available January 8, 2015 from Midnight Ink!

Leave a comment about the cover in the next week for a chance to win a Downward Dog Mysteries coffee mug!

The book will be out January 8, 2015, but I’ll likely have copies again in late December.  Why wait?  Pre-order your personalized, autographed copy from Whole Life Yoga now, and I’ll mail you a signed bookmark as soon as they are available!


Six months after solving her friend’s murder, commitment-challenged Kate Davidson has recovered from her injuries and settled into a relatively calm life with rambunctious German shepherd Bella. Now, if only her relationship with boyfriend, Michael, would slow down to match her laid-back yogic lifestyle…

When Kate gets an offer to trade teaching yoga for a weeklong stay at a newly reopened vegan retreat center, she jumps at the opportunity, even though it means being forced to endure the wedding ceremony of the center’s two caretakers. Avoiding the M-word turns out to be the least of Kate’s problems when a wedding guest is found floating face-down in the resort’s hot tub, shortly after a loud, public (and somewhat embarrassing) fight with Kate.

The police pick Kate as their number-one suspect, so she’s forced to join forces with Michael, best friend Rene, and sidekick Bella to find the real killer. But they’ll have to solve the murder before the police arrest Kate, or her next gig may last a lifetime—behind bars.


“An engaging mystery full of fun and fascinating characters and unexpected twists.  An intriguing read that includes yoga lessons and feisty dogs.”

Linda O. Johnston Author of the Pet Rescue Mysteries

“Fans   of Tracy Weber’s charming Murder Strikes a Pose have eagerly awaited   the return of yoga instructor Kate Davidson and her challenging yet   lovable German shepherd, Bella.  Happily, Weber’s second yoga mystery, A Killer Retreat, is as delightful as her first. Readers will love the   setting, the complex mystery, and the romance of Kate’s second   adventure. Especially noteworthy in this popular series is the appealing   combination of strength and vulnerability that Kate and Bella share.   Enjoy!”

Susan Conant     Author of the Dog Lover’s Mysteries

“Whether yoga instructor, Kate Davidson, is wrestling her hundred-pound dog, her new love life or trying to solve a murder, A Killer Retreat is simply a killer read! Witty, fun and unpredictable, this is one cozy mystery worth barking about!”

Shannon Esposito   Author of the Pet Psychic Mysteries



Come visit Whole Life Yoga in Seattle, and check out Tracy Weber’s author page for information about the Downward Dog Mysteries series.  A KILLER RETREAT is available for preorder now from Whole Life Yoga. The first book in the series,  MURDER STRIKES A POSE is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  and book sellers everywhere!

15 thoughts on “Announcing A KILLER RETREAT!

  1. Jenny Gummel

    I thoroughly enjoyed your first novel and look forward with anticipation to this 2nd installment. Kate and Bella make a delightful duo, and I am sure this novel will not disappoint. I expect to find more drama mixed with comedic relief as Kate and Bella rise to the occasion and solve yet another mystery.

    1. Whole Life Yoga Post author

      Thanks, Jenny! I’m so very glad you liked the first one. That book was truly a labor of love for me, but in some ways I like the second one better. I cant’ wait for you to read it!

  2. Barbara Kerwin

    Love the book cover! Kate looks both serene snd mischievous and Bella sweet as ever. Nice job!

  3. Steve Elston

    The cover art is really fun. Looking forward to the content of the book. Hope it is out soon.

  4. Maris

    It’s very cute, just like the cover art on the first installment. Kate doesn’t look a bit worried so one must assume she doesn’t know she is a suspect yet!

    1. Whole Life Yoga Post author

      My vision for the cover was that Kate didn’t even know a murder had taken place yet. Only that Bella was getting into trouble….AGAIN.

  5. Susan Hodges

    Can hardly wait for A Killer Retreat if it’s anything like the first book this one also will be Awesome. Kate appears relaxed and at ease and Bella looks like she’s up to something…….?

  6. Wanda sue downs

    I just love that cover it is so cute. She is trying to meditate and he’s bringing her. a new murder to solve.

  7. Whole Life Yoga Post author

    Hi all! Wanda is the winner of the drawing for the Downward Dog Mysteries coffee mug! Wanda, e-mail me at with your mailing list, and I’ll get the mug in the mail to you. Congratulations!

  8. Simon

    I am interested in your 3 month deal. I am 66 years old in raslonebae health except for a small tear in my right rotator cuff and I am presently in PT for lower back and leg pain. I thought maybe I could start with a couple of gentle classes.What do you think.


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