Fifty Ways to Show Readers You Love Them


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Today is my weekly posting for Inkspot, the blog for authors of Midnight Ink.  I’m starting a three-part series outlining over 50 ways authors can show their readers that they appreciate them.  Check it out, please share, and add to the list.  Above all else, rest assured that I love you!


Tracy Weber

          A Killer Retreat

Come visit Whole Life Yoga in Seattle, and check out Tracy Weber’s author page for information about the Downward Dog Mysteries series.  A KILLER RETREAT and MURDER STRIKES A POSE are available at book sellers everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Fifty Ways to Show Readers You Love Them

  1. Penny Marks

    Great blog. I can’t think of anything else authors could possibly do to say thank you. I just want to say thank you for your wonderful books.


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