Ode to a Community

Whole Life Yoga teacher training class 2012 - 2013Tonight will be an evening of endings and beginnings. At 6:30 I’ll say goodbye to twenty-three yoga teachers-in-training; ninety minutes later, I’ll greet twenty-three newly minted teachers.  After certifying eleven classes, you’d think I’d get used to the transition. But each final ceremony remains bittersweet. The twenty-eight of us (twenty-three students, four teaching assistants, and me) have spent 200 hours together over the last ten months learning, growing, sometimes struggling, and laughing—though not often enough at my lame attempts at humor.

As I reflect on the past year, I realize that this unique group taught me many lessons.

  • All yoga is good yoga—regardless of lineage—as long as it speaks to your heart.
  • Well-taught yoga helps all populations. From autistic preteens, to homeless youth, to martial arts teachers, to runners, to “people who sit at a desk all day.” (Of course, I knew this before, but it was wonderful to see these teachers show it in action.)
  • A female instructor can teach a fabulous Yoga for Men class.
  • Be careful what you joke about—it might just come true. (The three students who broke their ankles last fall know what I mean.  And no, none were injured while doing yoga.)

Thank you to this wonderful community for being so sweet. For putting up with my sometimes chaotic life, yet seemingly not holding my personal struggles against me. For, in some cases, traveling long distances each week to take part in this adventure.

If I didn’t tell you before, I love, respect, and appreciate each of you—students and teaching assistants alike. I will miss our time together. The good news is that the whole process will start again in October when many of us embark on the fifteen-month advanced training. Whether you continue to study with me or not, please stay in touch.

The teacher in me bows to the teacher that is you.

Tracy Weber

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