Softening the Belly Meditation

Welcome to Week 5 of my Meditations to Change Your Life series.  I love this meditation because it helps you be present in your mind–and your body.  Enjoy!

Flachwinkelige Ganzkörper-Ansicht einer auf dem Rücken liegenden jungen Frau in einer Variante der Yogaposition "glückliches Baby" (anada balasana) auf weißem Hintergrund.

Softening the Belly Meditation:

  1. Sit comfortably, with your spine erect and the crown of your head floating up to the ceiling. Sitting either in a chair or on the floor is fine, as long as you are physically comfortable and your spine is in “neutral”.   This meditation may also be done lying on the floor, if desired.
  2. Allow your eyes to close or keep your eyes at “half mast” gazing quietly at a place below and in front of you.
  3. Allow your awareness to gradually settle into your body, by noticing the breath as it moves in and out of your nostrils, then your chest, then finally down to your belly
  4. Allow your belly to soften, and imagine the breath moving gently in and out of it.   With each successive breath, allow the belly to soften a bit more, as if you were letting go of anything you’re holding in that area, be it tension, sadness, fear, or anything else.
  5. If your attention wanders (and it will!) just notice it, and invite your attention back to the sensation of softness in your belly. Try not to criticize yourself. Instead congratulate yourself for bringing the attention back to the point of focus.
  6. Continue this meditation for 10 minutes or longer if you’d like.

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