Meditation for Better Grades

Want to improve your GPA? Try meditation!

A recent study published in the April, 2013 edition of Mindfulness Journal showed that practicing simple meditations before college lectures can help students improve focus, retain information, and increase test scores.  Meditation practice (or lack thereof) even predicted which students passed and which ones failed post lecture quizzes.

In the study—performed by professor Robert Youmans of George Mason University and doctoral student Jared Ramsburg of the University of Illinois—students were randomized into two groups. One group followed basic meditation exercises before lecture, the other did not. The meditation group had significantly higher post lecture quiz scores than the control group. This meditation effect seemed to be the most significant in classes with a high proportion of freshmen students, likely because freshmen students often have more difficulty focusing than their more senior classmates.

Most astounding to me was the minimal time and effort required to get significantly improved test scores. I’ve long told my students that ten-minute meditation practices done consistently can change your life.  This study shows that you might not even need to spend that much time. Students in these studies were only asked to meditate for six minutes before class.

Give it a try!  This simple meditation practice is a great way to get started.


Tracy Weber

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