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Taking a Blogatical

Thanks to all of you who continue to follow my blog and other writings.  The rest of this year is going to be crazy-busy for me, as I start my new adventure learning to work in animal behavior.  Along with my “real” job teaching yoga and running yoga teacher trainings, I’ll be heads down in final edits for my next Downward Dog Mystery, which is now available for pre-order and will release on January 8!

Add to that attending the Northwest School of Canine Studies and pursuing a Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior at the University of Washington, and I will be a busy lady.

I’ll still post updates and news on the blog, but not weekly.  If you have specific topics you’d like me to consider writing about, please let me know at or in a comment on this article.

Otherwise, Ana and I will still be on Facebook, and we hope to see you there!  Have a lovely fall, everyone!

Tracy and Ana!


Birthdays can be Murder!

By Kate Davidson of Tracy Weber’s Downward Dog Mystery Series

Hi all! Kate Davidson here from Tracy Weber’s Downward Dog Mystery Series. Tracy asked me to drop by and wish her hubby, Marc, a happy birthday! So here it is …


Tracy would tell you how old he is, but he’d probably knock her flat on her sits bones, so she’s keeping that special number a big secret.

Speaking of husbands, I should give some credit to my own better half, Michael Massey. It’s not his birthday, but he certainly deserves some attention, since he’s not getting much of it from me lately. I mean sure, we hang out together, and I love him more than anything else in life, except maybe for my German shepherd, Bella. But our marital lovemaking has become rather, well, scheduled, lately. We’ve been trying for almost a year now, and no baby so far. I’m beginning to wonder if we might have fertility issues.

Which is why I probably shouldn’t have agreed to start a yoga program at Teen Path HOME, a Seattle youth center for homeless youth. I love working with the kids and I think I can help them, but nothing in their lives is stress free. I’ve become particularly attached to Rainbow, a sixteen-year-old who is a phenomenal artist.

I’m worried about her, though. She’s been hanging around this teenage boy who I’m almost positive is dealing drugs, and she seemed really upset the last time I saw her in class. I’d like to help her, but I’m not sure what I can do. At least this time I’m not wrapped up in the middle of a murder investigation…

Wait. Is there any wood around here to knock on? I hope I didn’t just jinx myself. Please pretend I didn’t say anything and wish Tracy’s hubby a happy birthday!

If you want to read about Bella’s and my newest adventure, meet Rainbow and find out if I get mixed up in murder, please pre-order Tracy’s newest Downward Dog Mystery, Murder Likes It Hot.


Pre-Meditated Murder the fifth Downward Dog Mystery, is available now!  Go on, buy yourself a copy.  You know you want to!  Book 6, Murder Likes it Hot, will be out on January 8, 2019!

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It’s a Cover Reveal!

I’m so behind on revealing the cover for my upcoming mystery, Murder Likes It Hot, that it’s already available for pre-order.  So, without further ado, here are the cover and blurb!

Newly married yoga instructor Kate Davidson feels stuck in low-energy limbo despite her high-energy life. She’s trying to conceive a child, keep her studio afloat now that the ultra-cheap Some Like It Hot Yoga studio has opened across the street, and start a yoga program at a local resource center for homeless youth.

When a center employee is found dead, Kate sets aside her fertility and financial woes to delve into the world of teenage homelessness. While digging for clues with her German shepherd, Bella, Kate discovers that family can be formed by bonds stronger than shared DNA, and she must defend it at all costs.

I learned a lot in researching this book, and I hope to bring attention to some of the unique issues facing homeless teens in Seattle, especially those younger than 18.  Please pre-order it, if you are so inclined, and if you read it, let me know what you think!

Love to you as always.

Tracy Weber