13 Insane Yoga Benefits

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Please welcome guest blogger Jane Evans to the Whole Life Yoga blog today. Jane is an advocate for overall health and well-being. She writes for GO Mammoth Pilates and Yoga departments and also teaches classes across London.  Tell us, Jane, what are some of the benefits of practicing yoga?

Practicing Yoga has many incredible benefits, not only is it an intense workout for your whole body developing strength and muscle tone it also increases mental concentration combined with spiritual awareness.  All of the above help to enhance lifestyle because you can apply the principles of Yoga to practically every activity you do day to day.  Of course, there are plenty of other superb benefits of Yoga some of which you may not know about.  As Yoga has been around for many centuries it’s no surprise that millions of people across the globe enjoy the positive gains and scientists agree that there are so many benefits both mentally and physically from Yoga practice. Here are 13 insane Yoga benefits which certainly give you food for thought!

Greater Flexibility

If you find that you can’t bend or stretch as much as you’d like or perhaps your joints and muscles are stiff then Yoga will help to loosen and strengthen where you need it. For example, bending over and touching your toes might seem like an impossibility but a few months of Yoga practice and you’ll more than likely be able to bend over and place your palms flat on the floor!

Improved Posture

You might think you stand perfectly well and why should you change the way you walk? Yoga will enhance your posture because it encourages you to stand tall and give your body suppleness so will actually improve your stance.  This is because Yoga stretches the muscles and elongates them but it also works on the principle of balance so the body works equally on either side.  Your posture will change, even subconsciously for the better.

Better Strength

Who needs to go to the gym to strengthen your body when you can practice Yoga and get better results without profuse sweating? Yoga is designed to strengthen every muscle in the body and the various poses must be held for a while which really hones in on muscle training.  The more advanced you become with your Yoga, the more complex the poses, so there’s always a new challenge to take on!

Improved Relaxation

Yoga is an intense workout and requires concentration and dedication – the sessions aren’t designed to be easy but the results don’t just bring about body changes, they also go a long way to quiet your mind. This means you can relax quicker and with ease – even sleep better!  This is because Yoga works on the nervous system, helping it to relax and focuses on meditation which is an art-form that soothes the mind. There are even specific Yoga poses which can help you to rest when you want to.

Yoga Energizes

While Yoga can relax you when needed it also boosts energy levels because of the breathing technique applied to this workout. It’s all based on how much oxygen you breathe in and Yoga makes you breathe far deeper than you would normally.  There’s another reason too, some Yoga poses regulate the cortisol hormone helping to balance energy levels and then again, as Yoga helps you to sleep well you’re bound to feel more energetic the next morning.

Yoga Gives You A Healthier Heart

This is one of the reasons why so many doctors recommend Yoga to heart disease patients because Yoga delivers oxygen to the body’s organs helping them to function better. Yoga also thins the blood because of the poses and this helps to circulate blood all the way round the body and pump the heart.  Thinner blood can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Yoga Decreases Water Retention

If you suffer with water retention particularly in your hands, legs and feet you will find that taking up Yoga helps to decrease swelling. This is because of its blood thinning benefits and it helps your body to rid itself of toxins so circulation is improved and unwanted water removed.

Yoga Helps Metabolic Rate

If you have a low metabolism you might be looking to give it a much-needed boost. Taking up Yoga will help you to quicken your metabolic rate which in turn could help you to shed any unwanted weight.  This is because Yoga boosts your energy levels which affect how quickly your body converts food and drink – Yoga is an active workout after all!

Yoga Teaches You How To Breathe

Well that sounds ridiculous because of course you know how to breathe – but actually do you know how to breathe properly? Generally, people don’t breathe deeply enough and Yoga teaches incredible techniques which help to increase oxygen levels in the body.  This is why it’s often prescribed as a method to use in respiratory conditions.  Yoga really does focus on breathing and expands your lung capacity so it’s excellent for asthmatics or other breathing difficulties.

Yoga Boosts Memory

Yoga is one of those exercises that is superb for mental agility because it encourages you to concentrate. It’s fairly simple to explain, Yoga pushes blood flow around the brain so it is very beneficial to the memory area and in studies, participants reported greater recall and improved concentration after just one short Yoga session.

Yoga Reduces Blood Pressure

It does this in a number of ways. Firstly it is a relaxing workout and focuses the mind on poses and meditation so is a great stress-reliever, often stress is the reason behind high blood pressure. If you practice hot Yoga, you will greatly reduce your sodium stores because of the sweat involved, while everyone needs sodium in their diet, too much salt is bad for high blood pressure and heart disease.

Yoga Improves Bone Density

This is why it is often prescribed as an exercise for osteoporosis or osteoarthritis patients. It’s also excellent for arthritis sufferers because it focuses on mobility and strengthening muscles.  Yoga can also keep calcium present in the bones and calcium deficiency leads to brittle bones.

Yoga Brings Peace

In today’s busy, anxious world many people find themselves over-stressing the little things in life and forgetting to focus on what’s really important such as friends, family, partner and of course – themselves. Yoga brings inner calm and peace because it is a mindful exercise which teaches meditation and spirituality.  Just a few weeks of Yoga practice will help to change how you perceive different situations and also go a long way to help you switch off from anxiety and negative thoughts.

2 thoughts on “13 Insane Yoga Benefits

  1. Jay Jorgenson

    I can attest to the fact that yoga makes you flexible beyond belief. I did yoga straight for 6 months every other day and I could move my body without any issues. Ever since I stopped I have issues moving my knees and ankles correctly.

  2. John Esquival

    That’s a good point that yoga can strengthen your body. People think that it’s just stretching, but yoga is a real workout. I’m trying to get back into shape this spring so I’ll have to find some classes.


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