Birthday Wishes, Lots of Love, and a Contest!

Today’s blog post will be short, sweet, and full of good wishes.  First of all, happy birthday to my lovely hubby, Marc Martin (on Thursday).  I won’t tell everyone how old you are honey, but know that I love you!

And next, a contest!

I have a very limited supply of advanced copies of Karma’s a Killer, and I’m holding a series of sweepstakes to give one of them away.  If you win, I will personalize and autograph your copy! Enter to win by signing (or re-signing) up for my mailing list at the link below.  Winner will be drawn on Wednesday, September 16.

Enter the contest at the link below:

Good luck, and happy Labor Day everyone!  May all of your karma be killer!

Tracy Weber

And if you want to show me some love, you can preorder KARMA’S A KILLER, now at  booksellers nationwide.

Yee haw, yippee, and yahooey!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes, Lots of Love, and a Contest!

  1. Carolyn Vollmer

    I just became aware of you as an author on facebook accidentally. Love mystery, and your photos and facebook cover. 4 legged friends are most loyal and fun

    1. Whole Life Yoga Post author

      So glad you found me! I hope you ready my series and love it. I’m certifiably dog crazy! 😉 Welcome to my reader clan!


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