The Tracks We Leave

“We are remembered forever by the tracks we leave.” — Native American Proverb


This past Monday, twenty-two students, five teacher training assistants, and I completed an eleven-month journey together.  A journey that saw us through illnesses, addictions, pregnancies, deaths, engagements, divorces, moves, job changes, and more challenges than one could think possible in less than a year.  And yet we stuck through it.  Together.  It was only appropriate that we should celebrate.

We began with a ceremony to set intentions and commemorate our time together.


We finished in a circle to honor our community.


Afterwards we drank wine and ate delicious Greek food.







Which is, of course, infinitely more delicious when shared with friends.

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Before we knew it, it was time to clean up, stack the blankets and head home.


But even though the training is over, their work is just beginning. You see, these people are my tracks: the imprint I hope to leave in the world.

Taking yoga teacher training is a responsibility. It only starts with the classes, the homework, the missed family events, and the late nights designing seemingly impossible yoga sequences.  The real responsibility begins the date you finish.  The head of our lineage, Desikachar, says that if you learn the yoga teachings but do not share them, you have stolen them.  They are not the property of any individual—they belong out in the world.  During our ceremony, we chanted a single mantra: Om Namaha “not mine.”  A reminder that what we’ve learned is meant to be shared, whether or not we ever perform another asana.  Yoga is the act of living in greater balance,  more aligned with our values. Yoga helps us ensure that the tracks we leave behind are positive ones.

A personal message to all of these lovely new teachers: You were my thirteenth yoga teacher training, and like each group that preceded you, you were special. I wish I could give you the confidence to know what great teachers you already are, but the best teachers only gain confidence with time and practice. I’d like to say “make me proud,” but you already have. Instead, I’ll just tell you the truth: you’ve each taken a piece of my heart.  

Use it well.


Namaste, my friends. I am better for knowing you.

Tracy Weber

11 thoughts on “The Tracks We Leave

  1. Joan S

    I am honored by what you say, to be part of many of these trainings, to have known so many of these students, and, to help continue to spread such incredible wisdom of the yoga you imparted to us via the lineage.

    It was/is an incredible journey. Tracy you have wisdom beyond your years.

    That was ONE LONG sentence!


  2. Beatriz C Bee

    Tracy, you’re just an amazing and beautiful soul.
    Your heart radiates not only amazing, love, compassion, understanding , diversity, and so much more all with the greatest knowledge and passion for giving, sharing what you know!
    I am just so grateful to Sarah, my sweet and kind friend, for taking me and showing me the Way! Yes, the way to Viniyoga with you Tracy. I also am grateful to all the TA’s they are just part of that hub! The center of the amazing journey we just finished. In the process I made some amazing friends with whom I plan to continue learning and sharing our gift . I am blessed!

  3. Sarah Smith

    I feel so lucky and honored to be a part of this beautiful yoga family….Last night was the first Monday night to not meet for sharing and learning, I missed everyone. Thank you Tracy, Joan, Barb, Katie and Katie for your generosity in sharing your gifts of knowledge and expertise with love and kindness.

  4. Kristen Nelson

    Your words honor your students and the work they have achieved. There is nothing more rewarding than teaching something you love.

  5. Heather

    Thank you Tracy and wonderful TAs for the amazing training. And a huge thank you to all of the Whole Life teachers who were so gracious and helpful during our observations and attendance piece.

    Class #13, you are in my thoughts as I breathe then move.

    This post is lovely.


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