Celebrate Puppy Mill Action Week!

Hope from A Fatal Twist

Hi all!  This is my week to blog on Killer Characters, and I’m posting as Hope, a rescued Golden retriever from my Downward Dog Mystery, A Fatal Twist.

Check it out, and please either rescue or adopt only from reputable breeders.  Hope and other puppy mill moms like her thank you!



My newest Downward Dog Mystery, Pre-Meditated Murder is available now  in e-book and paper back copies everywhere! Check this link for some local ideas. http://tracyweberauthor.com/buy_premeditated.html

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Puppy Mill Action Week!

  1. Amber Polo

    “Doggie in the Window” by Rory Kress tells of the author’s investigation into pet stores and puppy mills and her search to find where her dog Izzie came from.


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