Can Anyone Practice Yoga?

One of my favorite yoga quotes is “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”   Since yoga is ultimately the connection of body, breath and mind, anyone can do it and everyone can benefit from a well designed practice. We often confuse yoga in the West with asana (yoga postures), which is just one of the tools of yoga. Yoga encompasses that and so much more—meditation, pranayama, ritual, chant how we relate to others and our world,  and the list goes on.  So YES, anyone and everyone can and would benefit from doing yoga.   Even asana, which is in many ways the simplest of yoga tools, can be done by anyone if appropriately applied.  That’s what I love so much about the style we teach at Whole Life Yoga, viniyoga.  The word, translated, simply means “proper application and adaptation.”  Which means that the yoga can be applied and adapted to every individual.

How one approaches yoga may, and likely will, change over time.  In our younger years (the sunrise stage of life) our yoga may be more fitness and form oriented.  As we age to the mid-day stage of life, it will likely become more therapeutically based with an increasing focus on breath and pranayama.  Finally, as we approach our sunset years, our yoga may take us ever more internal through meditative practices.   These practices help us stay healthy while we live in this world while simultaneously preparing us for the great transition to the next.  But regardless of age, body type, injury, fitness level or  goals, yoga is a tool that that can help anyone!


Tracy Weber

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