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WLY launch party

My third written child was officially released on last Friday, January 8, and the busy push of parties, appearances and publicity will soon take over my life for a month.  Who knew that writing the book would the easy part!  Below is a partial list of upcoming events and recent articles.  I hope to see you at a book signing soon!

January Book Signings and Events:

Launch Weekend Press:

  • Facebook Launch Party! According to Facebook, almost 250 people attended the event from all over the US and as far away as Australia. Even though the party is officially over, you can still check out the site to find excerpts, photos, games, and questions.  Check it out and join us live next year!
  • Examiner.com:  An interview with me about writing, yoga and Karma’s a Killer:  “I wrote this story, at least in part, to help readers truly get to know and understand Kate. Through this case, Kate discovers the origins of her pogonophobia—the irrational fear of beards—and learns why she has, at least up until now, has been so terrified of commitment. Although most of the book is about Kate’s sometimes-inept attempts at murder investigation, the most satisfying part of the book is rediscovering Kate.”
  • Page 69 Test: An excerpt from Page 69 of the book and my analysis of it: “Page 69 brings us to the end of a scene in Karma’s a Killer that is both similar and dissimilar to the rest of the story. My protagonist, Kate, has just learned that her mother, Dharma—who abandoned her thirty years ago—is back in Seattle and wants to reconcile. Kate doesn’t yet know that Dharma is about to be arrested for murder.”
  • Dru’s Book Musings: An interview with Blackie (a crow!) who has a very important role in Karma’s a Killer:   “I sure wish I could speak English. Not only was I here at Green Lake the day Kate overheard a fight between two women, but I saw one of those women get murdered later that night! I’ve been trying to tell Kate what I saw, but she doesn’t understand me. Bella, her crazy German shepherd, ignores me. Probably because I eat all of her cookies.If I leave Kate a clue, do you think she’ll figure it out?”
  • OmniMysteryNews: I interviewed yoga teacher/sleuth Kate.   She had this to say on behalf of her dog Bella…. “As for your canine readers,[Bella would] tell them to stay the heck away from her house, her yoga studio, and me. I’m her best-trained slave, and she’s not willing to share me. And Bella gave me a special message for the brown-suited, box-carrying psycho-killer that drives the UPS truck. She has her eye on you. One false move, and she’ll eat delivery man for dinner.”
  • Musings and RamblingsI talk about Seattle and what makes it the perfect setting for a mystery series:  “Seattle gets a bad rap for being gray and rainy, but the flipside is that you’ll never see a place greener or more lush outside of the tropics. Within an hour or two, you can visit a major university, climb a mountain, go boating, dip your toes in the ocean, ski, attend live theater, shop in a quaint island town, and hang out with a troll holding onto an actual Volkswagen. And don’t get me started on the annual nude bicycle parade…”
  • CBS8.com had this to say about Karma’s a Killer “A taut tale with more twists and turns than a vinyasa yoga class, Karma’s a Killer brims with suspense, wit and whimsy.  With a to-die-for plot, sensational storyline, and charming characters-of both the two- and four-legged varieties-Karma’s a Killer is a clever, colorful, and utterly captivating cozy mystery.”
  • Blog Critics:  An interview with me in which I talk about research, writing, and the writing life.  “An important character in the book, Blackie, is a crow that was raised as a fledgling and released back to the wild. I have been fascinated by crows since my own German shepherd, Tasha, befriended a crow in our neighborhood. Learning more about these intelligent, highly social, and quirky animals was one of the biggest joys of writing the book.”
  • Seattle Times! I was delighted to see Karma’s a Killer make the Sunday Seattle Times yesterday.  They even printed the book cover in color! Here’s a link in case you don’t subscribe…

That’s just a sampling, and lots more is scheduled to happen the rest of this month and in February.  Stay tuned, and please check out the series, and please come give me a hug at one (or more) of the events!

I hope to see you soon!

Tracy Weber

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PS–all three books in my Downward Dog mystery series are now available!  Learn more at http://tracyweberauthor.com.  Thanks for reading!

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