Sweet Little Yoga Book

Every now and then, I get asked to review advanced copies of books about yoga.  I almost always decline due to time constraints, but how could I refuse a book that takes less than five minutes to read?

This sweet, kid-friendly picture book is decorated with cute illustrations of a happy frog doing all of my favorite yoga poses–and some of my least favorite ones.  (But that’s a blog topic for a different day.) I highly recommend it for the little yogis in your life. Yoga Frog is targeted to children ages 4 – 8, but parents will flash a smile or two, and each page describes one or more poses appropriate for the whole family.

As an adult, I’m even more drawn to the cute Yoga Frog “mini kit.” It contains a teeny, tiny book with most of the poses contained in its hardcover sibling and a plastic bendable frog, perfect for desk-top creativity.  Mine is currently executing a near-perfect Warrior I on my kitchen counter.  My teacher training students will recognize a couple of sequencing errors in both of the books,  but honestly, pose-perfect yoga isn’t really the point.

I highly recommend these for the kids (and the kids at heart!) in your lives.  They are both available wherever books are sold, but here is the Amazon Link for the book  and for the mini kit, for those of you interested.

Thanks for reading, and Namaste!

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