Meet Ed and Lonnie. And an Excerpt from Murder Likes it Hot!

Hi all!  I’m totally swamped trying to get my sixth Downward Dog Mystery, Murder Likes it Hot finished.  The bad news is, due to my collarbone injury it’s almost a month overdue.  The good news is, I’m almost done!  I just finished the 8th draft.  One more proof read and I’ll turn it in to my editor at Midnight Ink.  If I’m lucky, I’ll finish by the time I leave for the East coast for Malice Domestic on Thursday.  If not, well, I’ll have lots to do on the flight!

Since I didn’t have time to write a blog article this week, I decided to share an excerpt. Please remember, this is a work-in-progress, so it hasn’t been edited.  The final may end up different. This scene introduces Lonnie. His brother, Ed shows up soon.




Something small, brown, and furry with a hairless tail scurried past my right ankle.

“Aack! it’s a mouse!” I shrieked.

Gabriel’s demeanor changed in a heartbeat. From easygoing to frustrated, with a dollop of fear thrown in for good measure. “It’s not a mouse, it’s a rat! Catch him!”

He had to be joking. I was frozen. Stuck between irreconcilable impulses to run for the street and leap on the desk. I had no time to chase after scaly tailed vermin.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. All animals.

Except rats.

Gabriel pushed past me, and I stumbled into the hallway.

“God dammit, Lonnie!” He yelled. “Get back here.” He chased the nine-inch-long rodent toward the kitchen.

The young men at the pool table doubled up with laughter. Gabriel paused long enough to chastise them. “Don’t just stand there. Check on Ed!” A brunette tween leaped from the couch and ran into Gabriel’s office.

Ed? Did that mean there was a second one?

My eyes whipped back and forth across the carpet. My feet danced. I hopped from left foot to right foot and back again, terrified that a second rodent was about to crawl up my pant leg.

The way I saw it, I had two choices: stay here and hope that Rat Boy’s twin didn’t chomp on my ankle or run after Gabriel to the kitchen, where hopefully one of the vermin would soon be corralled.

I chose option two.

To learn more about “the boys,” stay tuned for additional excerpts!

Tracy Weber

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