Svana Yoga: Old Business, New Name–What do you think?

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Hi all!  I’m back from a fabulous weekend at Malice Domestic, and I FINALLY turned in my 6th Downward Dog Mystery, Murder Likes It Hot, the day before I left.  So I now have the head space to start thinking about other aspects of my professional life.  As most of my regular blog readers know, I recently sold my yoga studio, Whole Life Yoga, to the fabulous Kim Tull-Esterbrook.  I kept, however, my yoga teacher training business (which includes 200 and 500-hour trainings as well as continuing education classes for already-certified yoga teachers) and my private yoga therapy business.

I hope to expand my reach to yoga teachers and individuals who will benefit from the healing aspects of yoga.  But I have a problem:  I need a new business name.  Originally I was going to call it Tracy Weber Yoga, but when my hubbie created a website prototype, all I could say was ugh.

I still own the registered trademark for “Yoga for Real People,” which was the tag line for my prior business.  I considered naming the business that, but that fits much better my yoga studio model:  I was deliberately trying to reach people who were intimidated by yoga.  Now I’m trying to reach individual clients (who may still be intimidated by yoga) and yoga teachers in an attempt to make yoga more accessible to all.

Yesterday, I came up with this name:

SVANA Yoga  (The “A” will be slightly larger than the other letters)

There will be two potential tag lines (though these might change):

  1. Inviting health, balance, and joy to all aspects of life.
  2. Featuring Yoga for Real People!

Below is a draft for the website that will explain the name:

Why svAna Yoga?

I believe yoga is about much more than what happens when you’re on the mat. Ultimately, yoga connects you to joy. In Sanskrit, the word svana means dog, and for me, joy comes most readily when I’m in the presence of dogs.  Not co-incidentally, my current pup is named Ana, short for ananda, which means unending joy. How could I not combine the Sanskrit word for dog with the source of my greatest joy!   Whether you’re a yoga teacher, an aspiring yoga teacher, or a complete newbie to yoga, my goal is to help you learn how to use yoga  to create physical and emotional health—ultimately unleashing joy!

So, my friends, what do you think? Reply in the comments below or e-mail me your thoughts at

Tracy Weber

20 thoughts on “Svana Yoga: Old Business, New Name–What do you think?

  1. Roy

    Woof! I like it. Very playful, refreshing. Our dogie is definitely about joy, but also presence, authenticity, full on feeling! The question that arises for me is, are you putting viniyoga out of the focus??

    1. Tracy Weber Post author

      I plan to keep the emphasis on Viniyoga the same. It is all that I teach or will ever teach. (I’m devoted that way!) Viniyoga was never in the business name of Whole Life Yoga or it’s tagline, so not having it there is business as usual. 😉 I’ll keep it in the yoga style description and my bio.

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